Do Your Qualify For Help Paying For Health Insurance?

by Staff - 2013-11-03 14:06:00

The ACA created new premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions to help cut costs for eligible consumers who buy a plan through the Kansas Health Insurance Marketplace. The amount of the tax credit or cost sharing reduction depends on family size and income.

Larger families and families with lower incomes in Kansas get the most help. Tax credits and cost-sharing reductions are not available for individuals who are eligible for Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare, or qualifying employer-sponsored coverage.

More information about tax credits is available at Also for information on tax credits and cost-sharing reductions see

In Kansas, children may be able to get coverage through Medicaid or CHIP programs for which their parents aren’t eligible. Some families may find it more affordable to enroll their children in Medicaid or CHIP and have the parents buy coverage through the Marketplace.

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by Staff

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